Introduction to Panelabs Privacy Policy is committed to full transparency in the processing of its users' personal information and to full protection of their privacy.

Our Privacy Policy, which is available on all our panel websites and online questionnaires, is intended to present to all of our users – members of our online panel (panellists) and non-member users – all the data we collect about them from these websites and questionnaires in accordance with the EU regulation 2016/679, "General Data Protection Regulation" (GDPR) of April 27th, 2016.

What is personal data?

Current regulations specify that personal data (PII, or "personally identifiable information") is any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. In other words, a piece of data – whatever its nature – becomes a PII when a link can be made between this data and an individual (identified or identifiable).

There are two types of PII:

There are many "nominative" details allowing an individual to be identified. Other than first and last name, the main PII are website usernames, email addresses, phone numbers or IP addresses. Sometimes, it may be a combination of several pieces of information that makes them "nominative" and hence permit identification, as for example date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY) combined with post code of residence.

Moreover, data collected from professionals (e.g. customers, prospects, suppliers, partners, etc.) are also considered PII for the purposes of GDPR if they relate to a physical person (an individual) and not to a legal person (a company).

In summary, only information that is completely anonymized and cannot be linked to an identified or identifiable individual – even indirectly from a username – cannot be considered PII.

How to access our Privacy Policy?

Our Privacy Policy can be found on all our panel websites and online questionnaires. In it, we explain in detail to our users how their personal data is collected on these sites, and why we collect them. We also explain the security measures we use to ensure that their data is kept in a way that protects their privacy.

For a quick read of our main rules on how we use personal information, please read this excerpt from our Privacy Policy. In the excerpt, the term "our site" refers to the site which belongs to us, which you use and by means of which you may pass your PII to us. It could either be one of our panel websites or our "" website on which all of our online questionnaires are hosted (survey and recruitment questionnaires).

Alternatively, you could read the full version of our Privacy Policy on one of our panel websites such as on our "" website here.

How are you affected by our Privacy Policy?

Our Privacy Policy, available on all our panel websites and online questionnaires, applies to you when you send us personal data via one of our panel websites and/or online questionnaires, whether you are a member of our online panel (panelist) or a non-member user.

If however your use of our services is limited to our site "", then simply reading our Legal Notice ("Personal Data" and "Cookies" sections) will be enough to inform you of the rules of use related to collecting your personal information on this site.

Questions about our Privacy Policy?

If you have any questions about our privacy policy to which you cannot find answers in the full version, please contact our Data Protection Officer directly by email at

Date of last revision of our Privacy Policy: May 16, 2018

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