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Before opening up to Academic Research, our service "Marketest" was initially dedicated exclusively to entrepreneurs.
However, in 2006 an academic research team entrusted us with their data collection projects, in order to benefit from our expertise in Quant studies, our consumer panel and our very attractive prices.

Since then, we have collaborated continuously with academic researchers, and on average launch two new studies per week. We have developed a strong expertise in studies for researchers: methodology (e.g. experimental studies on specific groups, longitinudal studies, selection of representative samples), scripting and hosting questionnaires, data collection on panel and 'external' data, data processing... We have also learned to always adjust our solutions to researchers needs. In early 2020 we decided to change our academic studies service to Panelabs, a combination of the words Panel and Laboratory 😉

Our team:

Donia Naamoun - Academic Research Manager - Panelabs Donia Naamoun Academic Research Manager - Panelabs Since 2021
Quentin Costeur - Research Manager - Creatests Quentin Costeur Research Manager - Creatests Since 2023
Michaël Saulnier - Digital Project Manager / GDPR Michaël Saulnier Digital Project Manager / GDPR Since 2010
Albert Lalau - IT Manager Albert Lalau IT Manager Since 2013
Morgan Huard - Web developer Morgan Huard Web developer Since 2015
Florian Machin - Web Developer Florian Machin Web Developer Since 2022
Florian Hochart - Web Developer Florian Hochart Web Developer Since 2021
Mathilde Paul - Web Designer Mathilde Paul Web Designer Since 2021

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In the last 12 months we have been contacted by 174 researchers to introduce us to their study projects, mainly in the marketing, psychology and management fields.
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