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Ethusiastic, committed and reliable consumers.

Our priority is to guarantee quality respondents and reliable answers whilst respecting your budgets.

Our 1,500,000 consumers are quality-verified with 300 profiling criteria once registered

All members join our panel via a triple opt-in registration process : each panellist confirmed their entry into our panel via three different verification methods (consent on the registration form, validation through e-mail and lastly an authentication code sent by text/SMS)

We incentivise all our participants : the amount of the incentive is included in the study price (no additional costs!)

All of our participants are verified : this includes automatic calculation of the response times, consistency of the answers, quality control for open-ended answers, integration of attention check questions, etc.

Every panellist is monitored over time using a confidence score out of 10 : a score of 10/10 is awarded at the registration stage, then lowered each time we have a doubt about their participation. For example, -1 point for a response time considered a little too fast, -10 points for a bad open picked up such as "xwrcftz"

Panellists with a score of < 10 are less likely to be invited and are strictly monitored

Panellists with a score of 0/10 are permanently banned from participating!

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In the last 12 months we have been contacted by 174 researchers to introduce us to their study projects, mainly in the marketing, psychology and management fields.
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