Our consumer panel

across the UK and even at abroad
Our promise: We guarantee you high quality respondents,
while staying in line with adapted budgets to the academic research.

1,500,000 consumers are registered on our panel, and quality checked using over 300 screening points

All of our panelists are vetted through a triple opt-in registration process. This means each panelist confirms their subscription using a three-tier validation system consisting of consenting on the registration form, approving their registration via email and then finalising the process by providing an SMS-generated code.

100% of participations are paid and the reward amount is included in the study price every time for no extra fee!

100% of participations are carefully checked through automatic calculation of answering times, testing the consistency of responses, checking the open-ended answers quality and the integration of trap questions etc.

100% of panelists are followed up in the long-term with a confidence score on a scale of 1 to 10. When a panellist registers a value of 10 is set by default, the score is lowered by 1 point for each "suspicious" participation. Example: -1 point for answering too fast, -10 points for an open ended answer with an incoherent answer.

Panelists who have a confident score of less than 10 are requested less and will be carefully monitored.

Panelists who have a confident score of zero are blacklisted.

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In the last 12 months we have been contacted by 174 researchers to introduce us to their study projects, mainly in the marketing, psychology and management fields.
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